Arbiter represents the next generation of betting software by connecting to the Betfair exchange and fully automating bet placement for your selected events.

No prior betting or sports knowledge is required to use Arbiter because it utilises pre-tested, self-contained betting systems called “Macros” that do all the work for you in just a few mouse clicks. These macros require no further interaction once they are activated so you do not need to sit by your PC all day, leaving you to get on with your life.

Take a moment to watch a short video demo that shows you how easy it is to use Arbiter.

The current version of Arbiter contains the following Macros covering the two most popular sports betting markets: soccer and horse racing.

With this Macro you can select any race in the UK and Ireland and FaveAssist will do the rest by analysing a race and automatically deciding whether to back or lay the favourite just before the off.

The automated probability-based calculation tool used by this Macro will decide whether the favourite horse is worth backing or laying based on a number of factors, such as course, type of race and number of runners to name but a few. If the favourite is deemed to be high risk or has very low odds then FaveAssist will take no action on the race to mitigate risk.

There are approx 20-30 horse races per day, every day of the week in the UK and Ireland so this Macro has the potential to return a profit all year round.

In horse racing terms a “Nap” is a horse recommended by tipsters, pundits or the racing media. NapAssist automatically backs the Nap for a chosen race and only ever takes recommendations from tipsters who have a good track record of picking winning Naps in the long term. If there is no Nap for a selected race then the Macro will take no action.

NapAssist will have a good mix of lower-priced favourites and higher-priced outsiders that can offer real value and works with UK and Ireland races only.

ScoreAssist works with soccer matches and was designed with “arbitrage” in mind from the offset, which is the ability to profit by backing a particular result and breaking-even if the result changes. This technique returned a 209% profit during the 2006 World Cup by re-investing winnings and minimising losses.

The beauty of this Macro is that there are a huge number of soccer markets on Betfair, including the UK, Italian, French, Spanish and Norwegian leagues and it is ideal for spreading your funds across several games played on a weekend, thus reducing the risk even further.

Continuing Macro Development

We are constantly working on ideas for new Macros and welcome your suggestions for betting systems you currently use that could be automated in a similar fashion. Contact us with the details, including as much information and historical performance data as possible and we may include it as a Macro in a future version or Arbiter.

Betfair Account

To use Arbiter you must have a Betfair account. If you do not already have one, please click the Betfair logo below to sign up free in just a few minutes. If you already have an account you may find it useful to open a seperate account purely for Arbiter to ensure that the automated bets do not interfere with your normal betting activities.

Arbiter Subscription

Arbiter is available as a subscription service, giving you an initial 14 day trial period absolutely free when you sign in for the first time. You do not have to register or pay anything up-front to try the application.

There are no minimum subscription periods or contracts to sign; you simply “pay as you go” at a cost of only 14.95 for a whole month. Best of all there are no penalties should you choose not to use Arbiter for a period of time, which means that if you only bet on football you don’t need to pay a subscription fee during the off season, for example.