Betting Review

Betting Review – Smart Money System

The ‘Smart Money System’ describes itself as the “definitive answer to the question they’re all asking…the question being, how can I make money from Betfair?” A bold statement indeed! For the past few weeks, I’ve been reviewing the system and have come to the conclusion that for the £47 the ‘Smart Money System’ costs, buyers are getting a bargain…

The ‘The Smart Money System’is packed with profitable advice. Among other things, it teaches readers…

– A simple five step selection process to identifying value horses

– The best moments to open trades using ‘The Smart Money System’

– The perfect time to close these trades and secure a guaranteed profit

– The trick to finding fancies horses that are likely to lose

– Advisable staking plans to minimize your risk and ensure your bank can still grow

– The six-step process to developing your own profitable betting systems

– Betfair fundamentals from the ground-up so even beginners will understand

– The step-by-step plan to take you from paper trading to full-time trading

– And much, much more

Boasting a 70% strike rate, ‘The Smart Money System’is unique in its approach. Rather than tedious form-reading, the selection process finds the horses big-time punters (the ones earning hundreds of thousands a year) are betting on. The trading system ain’t bad either! Firstly, you’ll be taught how to trade. On top of this, you’ll discover what environment to trade in to ensure weight of money principles are at their likeliest to move in the expected direction. The figures prove a success rate of 80% on all trades is certainly possible.

You could be forgiven for being sceptical. I know I was at first! However, I won my first bet and my confidence began to grow. During this testing phase, I was only paper trading, but am definitely going to put my money on now and I’m convinced it will add thousands of pounds of addition profit to my gambling income.

Perhaps, the biggest downside with the ‘Smart Money System’is that there won’t be horses to bet on every day. Also, it requires you to be able to bet during the mornings, an awkward time for a lot of people who work. However, the ‘Smart Money System’ will work just as well on weekends as it will weekdays. Furthermore, the weight of money techniques can be applied to markets that will be available after work has finished. It can’t be promised that every horse will win (please tell me a system with such a 100% strike rate if you know of one!), but up until now, it’s consistently made profits and I don’t see why that should change now.

One of the major benefits the ‘The Smart Money System’offers is that you don’t need to have a massive bank to start producing meaningful profit. You could realistically double a relatively small bank of £100 on a good week! Another advantage was customer service. I found the people at the ‘Smart Money System’ to be very helpful and I received all replies within 24 hours and all questions were answered. Plus, if you buy the product and aren’t satisfied (by the way, I don’t see how this could happen), they promise to give you a refund, with a 30 day money back guarantee! On top of this, at only £47 the ‘Smart Money System’ is with anyone’s budget and well worth the money.

With Betfair the monumental million-dollar industry it is, if you’re not aware of how to make money on the betting exchange, you’re missing out bigtime. ‘The Smart Money System’ can change all this and teach you so many things about betting and trading you won’t find anywhere else. Simply put, it’s fantastic value for money.