Betting Exchange

Found a kink in a horses form? Simple … play the role of the bookmaker and ‘lay’ the horse on a betting exchange so that YOU collect when the horse doesn’t win . . . Believe that the third round leader of a golf tournament will crack under the pressure on day four? Simply lay the golfer so if he loses you win!

Whether it be the Tennis, Golf, Snooker, Football, Basketball, Cricket, Boxing, Rugby, Baseball or which ever sport, if you can find losers you can make good money – simple as that. In a horse race in say a field of 16 runners … don’t you think it would be easier to pick just one of them that can’t win for one reason or another, than it would be to pick one runner that has to beat the other 15 runners in the race? Doesn’t that make sense? “Hell yeah!” I here you say. After all that is what the bookmakers do right? It is YOUR turn now. YOU can now play the role of the bookmaker.

This new guide, ‘The Insider’s Guide to Betting Exchange Secrets’ takes you from ‘complete never heard of a betting exchange before novice’, to a ‘seasoned professional’ withing 2 1/2 days.

This 101 page, A4 size manual shows you exactly how to use the new betting exchanges to your best advantage and it takes you step by step from explaining exactly what betting exchanges are, which exchanges are best, through to some of the most potent and cash wringing techniques that the most successful professional punters use and which you can use too.

You see … what has been happening is punters have been swarming to the betting exchanges but they haven’t really learnt the first thing about how to make the best of them. Exchange betting is quite different to betting with a bookmaker or with a tote.

You are betting with another person, you have to factor in commission, you have to know how to lay effectively, and you have to know all the little tricks and techniques that only really come from hundreds of hours of experience. All detailed step-by-step in the Insider’s Guide to Betting Exchange Secrets so you can learn these the easy way.

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover …

How you can make $50,000 per year or even more by making guaranteed returns by betting on tennis even if you have never watched a game in your life!

How you can make money betting on a sporting event before the event that you are betting on has even started!

How to use the movement in the odds to 100% guarantee you a profit.

Why ‘fishing for a lay’ is a closely guarded secret.

How to make money on the betting exchanges even if you know zilch about the sport you are betting on.

How to trade the market better than Warren Buffet trades the stockmarket.

How to play the newest and fastest growing betting market … in-running betting … for consistent profits. (Chapter 11 The Sleeping Goldmine … Betting In-Running)

The role of punter’s emotions in exchange betting and how this affects the prices.

The best exchanges to use and why strong liquidity in a betting market can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. How to use the exchanges like a seasoned pro and discover tricks and techniques within days which would take anyone else many months or even years to discover.

How to lock in profits before an event has even started.

How to swing the odds in your favour so if your team loses you lose nothing but if your team wins    then you win heaps. How to harness the see-saw effect for mega profits

The little known secret of using the long-term betting markets to place in-running bets.

Make money by acting purely as a bookmaker.

All of the above is revealed for the very first time in ‘The Insider’s Guide to Betting Exchange Secrets’