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The Impact of Pathological Gambling on Family

Gambling is gaining popularity in the different regions of the world. The legalization of gambling establishments such as casinos has created public debates concerning its threatening effects on communities. Local and national authorities claim that gambling establishments contribute to economic development while some social groups believe that gambling can affect the lifestyle and security of people. The argument raised by these groups is supported by the statistics of people suffering from pathological gambling.

Pathological gambling is proven to be a mental disorder. It is a condition wherein the patient cannot control the urge to place bets or gamble despite the knowledge that frequent losses in gambling may cause players to suffer extreme financial troubles. Pathological gamblers are recommended to seek help from health experts because gambling addiction may threaten the relationship of gamblers with their families.

Based on studies, pathological gambling can cause negative effects on family relations. People suffering from this condition usually lie to their loved-ones and relatives about where they spend their money as well as their whereabouts. Their frequent lying can threaten the harmony in a household.

Researchers also found that pathological gamblers use the money set aside for the daily needs of their families. This creates conflict in the family. In some cases, wives of pathological gamblers leave their husbands because they cannot bear the financial consequences of the actions of their partners.

Because of the financial troubles caused by frequent gambling, pathological gamblers experience constant emotional stress. There are times that they experience depression and anxiety. There are also instances wherein they lose their temper and they divert their sufferings to their children. Hence, there are reports showing that most children of pathological gamblers are suffering from physical, mental or even sexual abuse.

Most of the time, pathological gamblers do not pay attention to the adverse effects of their addiction to gambling. They just realize that their condition has destroyed their families after their loved ones have already left them and they have no one to turn to.

Pathological gamblers should be treated as soon as possible before their mental condition can threaten the stability of their households. Just like any other forms of entertainment and relaxation, gambling should be given enough attention by people. It might have long-term effects that pathological gamblers may not realize at first. The effects of pathological gambling may be unbearable that it might be too late before they decided to turn away from their addiction.