Profitable Betfair Exchange Trading System – Easy Trader Pro

Ever had the feeling that it is impossible to make money from Betfair? –

Traders everday think the same thing. Despite the recent growth of the site. it seems to be getting harder and harder to make a profit from the site.

So, whats the solution? – Well, the author of Easy Trader went through the same thing six months ago.

Having tried countless systems on trading, backing and laying, he was at the point of giving up.

Then, one day last September, he stumbled onto a simple trading technique that no other user knew about. He quit his job within weeks, and has never looked back. In fact, that one technique alone has made him over 30,000 in profit since. It also gave him the confidence to spend hundreds of hours analysing the markets and looking for even more “loopholes” in the Betfair system.

As his bankroll and confidence grew, the Easy Trader methods developed. Now the author specialises in enabling other punters to quit their day jobs and enjoy the lifestyle of a pro Betfair trader.

Fast forward to today, and every possible way to profit from Betfair has been covered inside the Easy Trader Professional package. In fact, the author has provided a detailed battle plan for even beginners to profit from Betfair – and with a bank as small as 50. The playing field has just been levelled, and with the authors never-heard-before insights, its time for you to get in on the act.

The entire Easy Trader package has been fully updated for May 2006, and now includes over 220 pages of insider tricks and techniques to turn you into a professional trader in no time. The package also includes over 30 minutes of trading videos – so you can watch a pro trader profit live.

As a special bonus, Easy Trader will also show you how to trade on the evening races this summer which will allow punters with day jobs to trade on the high liquidity British horse races. Now, there is no excuse not to profit and earn a sizeable tax-free income from the site.

Betting Exchange

Found a kink in a horses form? Simple … play the role of the bookmaker and ‘lay’ the horse on a betting exchange so that YOU collect when the horse doesn’t win . . . Believe that the third round leader of a golf tournament will crack under the pressure on day four? Simply lay the golfer so if he loses you win!

Whether it be the Tennis, Golf, Snooker, Football, Basketball, Cricket, Boxing, Rugby, Baseball or which ever sport, if you can find losers you can make good money – simple as that. In a horse race in say a field of 16 runners … don’t you think it would be easier to pick just one of them that can’t win for one reason or another, than it would be to pick one runner that has to beat the other 15 runners in the race? Doesn’t that make sense? “Hell yeah!” I here you say. After all that is what the bookmakers do right? It is YOUR turn now. YOU can now play the role of the bookmaker.

This new guide, ‘The Insider’s Guide to Betting Exchange Secrets’ takes you from ‘complete never heard of a betting exchange before novice’, to a ‘seasoned professional’ withing 2 1/2 days.

This 101 page, A4 size manual shows you exactly how to use the new betting exchanges to your best advantage and it takes you step by step from explaining exactly what betting exchanges are, which exchanges are best, through to some of the most potent and cash wringing techniques that the most successful professional punters use and which you can use too.

You see … what has been happening is punters have been swarming to the betting exchanges but they haven’t really learnt the first thing about how to make the best of them. Exchange betting is quite different to betting with a bookmaker or with a tote.

You are betting with another person, you have to factor in commission, you have to know how to lay effectively, and you have to know all the little tricks and techniques that only really come from hundreds of hours of experience. All detailed step-by-step in the Insider’s Guide to Betting Exchange Secrets so you can learn these the easy way.

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover …

How you can make $50,000 per year or even more by making guaranteed returns by betting on tennis even if you have never watched a game in your life!

How you can make money betting on a sporting event before the event that you are betting on has even started!

How to use the movement in the odds to 100% guarantee you a profit.

Why ‘fishing for a lay’ is a closely guarded secret.

How to make money on the betting exchanges even if you know zilch about the sport you are betting on.

How to trade the market better than Warren Buffet trades the stockmarket.

How to play the newest and fastest growing betting market … in-running betting … for consistent profits. (Chapter 11 The Sleeping Goldmine … Betting In-Running)

The role of punter’s emotions in exchange betting and how this affects the prices.

The best exchanges to use and why strong liquidity in a betting market can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. How to use the exchanges like a seasoned pro and discover tricks and techniques within days which would take anyone else many months or even years to discover.

How to lock in profits before an event has even started.

How to swing the odds in your favour so if your team loses you lose nothing but if your team wins    then you win heaps. How to harness the see-saw effect for mega profits

The little known secret of using the long-term betting markets to place in-running bets.

Make money by acting purely as a bookmaker.

All of the above is revealed for the very first time in ‘The Insider’s Guide to Betting Exchange Secrets’

The Complete Guide to Betfair is a comprehensive manual covering how to trade successfully on betfair.

While more experienced traders could find one or two gems, the manual is better suited to novices who want to learn about trading on the betting exchange. It’s 58 pages long and in reading the manual, you get shown the trading techniques used by the experts in a step by step fashion.

There’s seven parts to this manual and it specifically covers the following:

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of betting
  • The importance of being disciplined
  • Backing and laying
  • Selection systems
  • Staking plan
  • Record Keeping
  • Analysis of past results
  • Steamers
  • Drifters
  • Trading
  • Trading to create no risk bets
  • Football trading strategy
  • Horse racing strategy

One feature I particularly appreciated in the manual was the use of screenshots. It’s very easy for a beginner to get lost and feel confused, however, the images included in the manual make it incredibly easy to follow.

If there was a downside, it’s that the manual won’t make you an expert trader overnight. Having said that, there’s no trading manual in the world which can do that (or at least I haven’t come across it yet!). However, if you apply the methods described in the manual on a consistent basis you will notice an improvement in your trading ability.

Perhaps, my favourite section of the manual is part 2. Upon reading, it becomes very obvious the author has done his homework and there is so much useful data available, even people who prefer horse betting to trading will appreciate the information included – which is basically dozens of trends that affect the performance of horses, both good and bad. Perhaps, more important the reader is told the extent to which these trends make a difference.

I haven’t mentioned the best part, yet, either. It’s Free! You can get it by visiting Free Gambling Ebooks.

Cruise ship game and vacation

Gambling is a billion dollar industry that attracts millions of casino patrons all over the world. However, playing is a limited industry and is not legal in some countries and does not state. But there is another form of gambling that is not limited by laws and territorial rules – cruise ship gambling.

Cruise ship gambling allows you to enjoy the fun and excitement of Las Vegas-style casino gambling while going on a cruise ship vacation. You can go places in the luxury and comfort of a cruise ship while you try your hand in a multitude of casino games like blackjack, poker, roulette and slots.

Cruise ship casinos are usually classified into two types: extended cruises and stationary cruises. Extended cruises last for several days and the cruise ship travels for hundreds of miles often visiting several places along the way. Stationary cruises are offered by coastal casinos and riverboat casinos. Unlike extended cruises, stationary cruises remain in one position and are sometimes docked along the shoreline.

Extended cruises are definitely more expensive than stationary cruises because they have longer running times and thus suffer more costs. Some people are also concerned about the legal implications of the cruise ship playing. However, the cruise ship that plays can not be considered illegal if done in international waters, which is the case of the extended cruise ship that plays.

The rules and regulations of the cruise ship they play are just the same as those in traditional casinos. If in case the rules in a cruise ship casino are different, rule changes are usually posted within the casino premises. You can always ask for assistance from cruise ship casino employees.

Usual casino games such as poker, blackjack, roulette and slots are available in most cruise ship casinos, however not all are. One game can be available in one cruise ship casino and absent in another. You should query the cruise ship’s travel agent about the games available in their casino, as well as other important topics such as costs, in accommodations, entertainment, meals, among others.

Before embarking on a cruise ship vacation, make sure that you plan well in advance and that you have set a budget aside for it. Extended cruise vacations require reservations while riverboat and coastal casinos usually do not need one. You can contact your local travel agent to make a reservation, or you can find an online travel agency that can help you plan your vacation cruise.

The cruise ship that plays is not the only activity on a cruise ship. You can also enjoy fine dining, sightseeing, nightly entertainment, ballroom dancing and a host of other fun activities. So if you want to relax, enjoy and have fun in a luxurious and glamorous environment, then consider an extended cruise ship vacation.

Betting Review

Betting Review – Smart Money System

The ‘Smart Money System’ describes itself as the “definitive answer to the question they’re all asking…the question being, how can I make money from Betfair?” A bold statement indeed! For the past few weeks, I’ve been reviewing the system and have come to the conclusion that for the £47 the ‘Smart Money System’ costs, buyers are getting a bargain…

The ‘The Smart Money System’is packed with profitable advice. Among other things, it teaches readers…

– A simple five step selection process to identifying value horses

– The best moments to open trades using ‘The Smart Money System’

– The perfect time to close these trades and secure a guaranteed profit

– The trick to finding fancies horses that are likely to lose

– Advisable staking plans to minimize your risk and ensure your bank can still grow

– The six-step process to developing your own profitable betting systems

– Betfair fundamentals from the ground-up so even beginners will understand

– The step-by-step plan to take you from paper trading to full-time trading

– And much, much more

Boasting a 70% strike rate, ‘The Smart Money System’is unique in its approach. Rather than tedious form-reading, the selection process finds the horses big-time punters (the ones earning hundreds of thousands a year) are betting on. The trading system ain’t bad either! Firstly, you’ll be taught how to trade. On top of this, you’ll discover what environment to trade in to ensure weight of money principles are at their likeliest to move in the expected direction. The figures prove a success rate of 80% on all trades is certainly possible.

You could be forgiven for being sceptical. I know I was at first! However, I won my first bet and my confidence began to grow. During this testing phase, I was only paper trading, but am definitely going to put my money on now and I’m convinced it will add thousands of pounds of addition profit to my gambling income.

Perhaps, the biggest downside with the ‘Smart Money System’is that there won’t be horses to bet on every day. Also, it requires you to be able to bet during the mornings, an awkward time for a lot of people who work. However, the ‘Smart Money System’ will work just as well on weekends as it will weekdays. Furthermore, the weight of money techniques can be applied to markets that will be available after work has finished. It can’t be promised that every horse will win (please tell me a system with such a 100% strike rate if you know of one!), but up until now, it’s consistently made profits and I don’t see why that should change now.

One of the major benefits the ‘The Smart Money System’offers is that you don’t need to have a massive bank to start producing meaningful profit. You could realistically double a relatively small bank of £100 on a good week! Another advantage was customer service. I found the people at the ‘Smart Money System’ to be very helpful and I received all replies within 24 hours and all questions were answered. Plus, if you buy the product and aren’t satisfied (by the way, I don’t see how this could happen), they promise to give you a refund, with a 30 day money back guarantee! On top of this, at only £47 the ‘Smart Money System’ is with anyone’s budget and well worth the money.

With Betfair the monumental million-dollar industry it is, if you’re not aware of how to make money on the betting exchange, you’re missing out bigtime. ‘The Smart Money System’ can change all this and teach you so many things about betting and trading you won’t find anywhere else. Simply put, it’s fantastic value for money.


Arbiter represents the next generation of betting software by connecting to the Betfair exchange and fully automating bet placement for your selected events.

No prior betting or sports knowledge is required to use Arbiter because it utilises pre-tested, self-contained betting systems called “Macros” that do all the work for you in just a few mouse clicks. These macros require no further interaction once they are activated so you do not need to sit by your PC all day, leaving you to get on with your life.

Take a moment to watch a short video demo that shows you how easy it is to use Arbiter.

The current version of Arbiter contains the following Macros covering the two most popular sports betting markets: soccer and horse racing.

With this Macro you can select any race in the UK and Ireland and FaveAssist will do the rest by analysing a race and automatically deciding whether to back or lay the favourite just before the off.

The automated probability-based calculation tool used by this Macro will decide whether the favourite horse is worth backing or laying based on a number of factors, such as course, type of race and number of runners to name but a few. If the favourite is deemed to be high risk or has very low odds then FaveAssist will take no action on the race to mitigate risk.

There are approx 20-30 horse races per day, every day of the week in the UK and Ireland so this Macro has the potential to return a profit all year round.

In horse racing terms a “Nap” is a horse recommended by tipsters, pundits or the racing media. NapAssist automatically backs the Nap for a chosen race and only ever takes recommendations from tipsters who have a good track record of picking winning Naps in the long term. If there is no Nap for a selected race then the Macro will take no action.

NapAssist will have a good mix of lower-priced favourites and higher-priced outsiders that can offer real value and works with UK and Ireland races only.

ScoreAssist works with soccer matches and was designed with “arbitrage” in mind from the offset, which is the ability to profit by backing a particular result and breaking-even if the result changes. This technique returned a 209% profit during the 2006 World Cup by re-investing winnings and minimising losses.

The beauty of this Macro is that there are a huge number of soccer markets on Betfair, including the UK, Italian, French, Spanish and Norwegian leagues and it is ideal for spreading your funds across several games played on a weekend, thus reducing the risk even further.

Continuing Macro Development

We are constantly working on ideas for new Macros and welcome your suggestions for betting systems you currently use that could be automated in a similar fashion. Contact us with the details, including as much information and historical performance data as possible and we may include it as a Macro in a future version or Arbiter.

Betfair Account

To use Arbiter you must have a Betfair account. If you do not already have one, please click the Betfair logo below to sign up free in just a few minutes. If you already have an account you may find it useful to open a seperate account purely for Arbiter to ensure that the automated bets do not interfere with your normal betting activities.

Arbiter Subscription

Arbiter is available as a subscription service, giving you an initial 14 day trial period absolutely free when you sign in for the first time. You do not have to register or pay anything up-front to try the application.

There are no minimum subscription periods or contracts to sign; you simply “pay as you go” at a cost of only 14.95 for a whole month. Best of all there are no penalties should you choose not to use Arbiter for a period of time, which means that if you only bet on football you don’t need to pay a subscription fee during the off season, for example.