The history of the Lottery

The Lotteries have had site in place for quite some time. They date back to the bible period and Julius Caesar himself advised the lottery to help settle the repair work that was to be done in the city. The legends presumed that China’s Great Wall also benefited from lottery games.

During medieval times, Europe was a focus of lottery activity. Residents of L’Ecluse, a city in France, Caesar’s efforts followed by using a public lottery to create funds for strengthening the city’s defense in 1420. In 1466, a lottery was organized by the officials of Bruges, a city in the Belgium, for the purpose of raising funds for the poor and needy.

During the early part of the 16th century, the lottery craze hit Italians when they started the concept of a “number” lottery in the city of Florence. It is quite interesting to note that the word lottery originated from the Italian word “lot”, which literally means “destiny”. ”

In 1520, the revenue potential of the lottery caught the attention of royalty when the ever seen states the lottery was organized by King Francis I of France. The royal court received the proceeds. After forty years, the lottery fever went through England after Queen Elizabeth I organized a national lottery to generate money to boost poor England’s ports. Upholstery and money were packaged in the Queen’s awards.

During the following two hundred years, the lottery grew in popularity in England. One of the world’s finest museums, the British museum located in London, was a recipient of the lottery in1753 proceeds. In the new world, the lotteries were specifically popular during the eighteenth century. Benjamin Franklin organized one to compensate for the cannons that helped win the American War of Independence and likewise was used to give the money to the army. A lottery set-up by George’s assisted Mount Mountain Road Washington, one of the main routes that go to the west from Virginia.

The Lottery was also a favorite of individuals. Most Thomas Jefferson’s estate (the third president of the United States) was auctioned with a lottery scheme. Many Lottery proceeds also helped finance many of the historic universities and universities in America. Among them, the different universities in the prestigious Ivy League were the most notable.

During the last two hundred years, the lotteries had legitimated site and start in almost every country in the world. As the number of people’s play grew, the awards also grew. In 2000, the big game lottery held in the USA was priced at $ 363 million.

The Impact of Pathological Gambling on Family

Gambling is gaining popularity in the different regions of the world. The legalization of gambling establishments such as casinos has created public debates concerning its threatening effects on communities. Local and national authorities claim that gambling establishments contribute to economic development while some social groups believe that gambling can affect the lifestyle and security of people. The argument raised by these groups is supported by the statistics of people suffering from pathological gambling.

Pathological gambling is proven to be a mental disorder. It is a condition wherein the patient cannot control the urge to place bets or gamble despite the knowledge that frequent losses in gambling may cause players to suffer extreme financial troubles. Pathological gamblers are recommended to seek help from health experts because gambling addiction may threaten the relationship of gamblers with their families.

Based on studies, pathological gambling can cause negative effects on family relations. People suffering from this condition usually lie to their loved-ones and relatives about where they spend their money as well as their whereabouts. Their frequent lying can threaten the harmony in a household.

Researchers also found that pathological gamblers use the money set aside for the daily needs of their families. This creates conflict in the family. In some cases, wives of pathological gamblers leave their husbands because they cannot bear the financial consequences of the actions of their partners.

Because of the financial troubles caused by frequent gambling, pathological gamblers experience constant emotional stress. There are times that they experience depression and anxiety. There are also instances wherein they lose their temper and they divert their sufferings to their children. Hence, there are reports showing that most children of pathological gamblers are suffering from physical, mental or even sexual abuse.

Most of the time, pathological gamblers do not pay attention to the adverse effects of their addiction to gambling. They just realize that their condition has destroyed their families after their loved ones have already left them and they have no one to turn to.

Pathological gamblers should be treated as soon as possible before their mental condition can threaten the stability of their households. Just like any other forms of entertainment and relaxation, gambling should be given enough attention by people. It might have long-term effects that pathological gamblers may not realize at first. The effects of pathological gambling may be unbearable that it might be too late before they decided to turn away from their addiction.

The mainstreaming sports betting industry

Globalization has influenced every aspect of society. It has hurt a few industries, while others have benefited immensely. Betting sports is an industry that has certainly grown and increased as globalization results are sports betting.

With the advent of the Internet and satellite television, people around the world can see players, games, events and teams that they have not been able to do in the past. This contact has paved the way for the interest to show them to support the teams in the best possible way, and the most common form of local support involves sports betting.

Due to the growth of the casino and online sports betting industry, millions of customers worldwide are now playing on anything and everything that continues in the sports world. The boundless experience of sports betting has provided pleasure, no matter the place. A player from China can put a bet on a Turkish football team playing in South Africa. Sports betting websites do not worry about the place of the bet or where the winnings will go. Globalization locates everything with a simple mouse click.

The sports betting industry has grown and grown at an alarming rate throughout the years. Sports betting websites recognize their responsibility in the world of sports – through them the millions of people around the world can keep in touch with vital information about tournaments and teams. Sports of various cultures that have been unknown in the past have been typed because of the globalization of sports betting. The fun of sports events are no longer exclusive to people residing in the area where the match occurs.

Satellite and cable television and the internet provided the accessibility of real information and the length of the event. Online casinos have boosted the popularity of the sports industry and even supported in news broadcasting before a match or tournament.

Heat before the betting process is one of the most exciting moments on sports betting sites. Because of the Internet, NFL finals and tournaments at Wimbledon can be seen around the world and not only in the areas where they occur. The exaggeration before a tournament drives the bettors and provides a sense of expectation and excitement. The release of programs and luck also creates a lot of enthusiasm.

The sports industry in general and the sports industry betting in retail have benefited a lot from globalization. As the world becomes smaller, the status of all kinds of sports will continue to improve.

The Mathematics of Slots


The casinos set slot machines to make money for themselves, and taking into consideration the initial cost of the machine, the various taxes for its use, its upkeep and maintenance, plus the servicing of its customers, the average nickel machine should return something like $2,000-$2,500 a year in net profits for the casino.

I had the opportunity during one of my studies of casinos to follow the full cycle of slots operations, from the mechanics shop where the payoffs were set to the final printouts on the computer, showing the profit margin for each and every machine in the casino.

With 470 machines, most of them nickel ones, the club was taking in a net profit of over a million dollars a year. This study was made about eight years ago, and since that time this casino has upgraded its machines so that most of them are now 25¢ and $1 ones, and I’m sure its profits are much higher today.

These slots profits are always sure things, because they’re mechanically set. At a craps table, a hot roll by one player can literally wipe out a month’s income, and a bunch of card counters can wreck a blackjack pit’s profits, but the one-armed bandits shrug off the human element and automatically churn out the profits.

The casino works out its profits on a purely mathematical basis. Since most machines are equipped with three reels and each reel holds twenty symbols, the total number of combinations possible are 20 3 , or 20 x 20 x 20. This adds up to 8,000.

With this 8,000 figure in mind, the casino operators decide how many coins they’ll return for the 8,000 spins. If they allowed 8,000 coins to drop, then there would be no profit at all, since 8,000 coins would have to be used to complete the cycle.

If 7,500 coins dropped, the profit margin would be 1/16 or 6.25 percent. This is a very low percentage for any casino slot, and there is hardly a slot machine that retains $o few coins Such a machine would be known as an extremely loose one, and a player fortunate to find it would get a good run for his or her money.

The Main Differences between Offline and Online Casinos

When it comes to gambling, nothing can beat the popularity of casino gambling. Playing casino games provide gamblers the elements of fun, entertainment, profits and socialization.

The appeal of casino gambling never weans as there are unlimited games choices and more casino venues to play your favorite casino games. There are offline casinos that operate locally to serve local and traveling gamblers alike. The Vegas casino is one of the most renowned offline casino venues with the best gambling activities to offer.

But not all gamblers can afford to travel to Las Vegas to experience a highly significant casino gambling the Vegas type. That is why many casino gamblers resort playing to online casinos which offer them the same benefits as playing in offline casinos only with a few more advantages to enjoy.

The difference between online casino and offline casino gambling are highly significant. The operation of an online casino business is highly inexpensive where lesser overhead costs are lower than when operating a highly costly offline casino business.

Owing to this significant difference in the financial operation of an online casino business from its offline casino counterpart, there are more online casino operators on the Internet. This growing numbers of online casinos create a higher competition among online casino operators which prompt them to offer better quality casino gaming services to attract clients.

This increasing rivalry spells out a higher difference between online casinos and offline casinos because better deals are offered online as part of the promotional schemes of online casino operators to keep up with their competitors. Such becomes a favorable factor among casino gamblers since they get more and better choices of great deals and bonus offers from online casinos.

Great convenience with casino gambling also spells the difference between online casinos to offline casinos. This is due to the fact that a casino gambler no longer has to think of the dress code commonly required when playing in a casino, no travel expenses to be incurred and most of all no need to pay a tip to the casino dealers and staff.

Gambling in online casinos also offers a pleasurable casino gaming due to the highly sophisticated gaming software emerging that provides casino gamblers a more advanced means of gambling with casino games.

Although offline casinos can never be beaten with its socialization factor, such difference is compensated with the technical chat features offered in online casinos that allow online players to talk to each other.

Because of these differences between online casinos and offline casinos, casino gamblers can exercise their own preference which type of casino gambling they would like to prefer.