The history of the Baccarat game

The origin of baccarat is still in line with the debate so far. A couple of claims have been made, which aim to follow the real roots of this popular casino game. But the only one that can be verified is that baccarat is a very old game.

Some studies have followed the origin of baccarat in the Middle Ages. A game known as Tarrochi was believed to be the game of the baccarat ancestor. This game was said to have been invented by a well known Italian gambler called Felix Falguierein and is played using a deck of Tarrot cards.

Another theory suggests that baccarat is based on a ritual of Etruscan civilization. This ritual determines the fate of a virgin with blond hair by throwing a nine-sided die. The nine gods were supposed to have walked on tiptoe while praying to the blond virgin as he throws the nut. The result of an eight or nine roll will make him a priestess. Six or seven will forbid you from any other religious activity. And to conclude, a shot resulting in a number less than six will put her to death.

During the last decade of the fifteenth century, the baccarat game reached France and became a favorite of the French noble class. Baccarat remained an exclusive card game to the French nobility until it was allowed to be played after centuries of casinos . With this, the popularity of baccarat has reached every layer of French society that it is common to see a game of baccarat being played in the streets, cafes and in the royal courts.

Baccarat found its way to England when a French version of baccarat, “Chemin de Fer”, became popular among the English people. Later, they changed some of the rules and the name of “Chemin De Fer” in “European Baccarat”. After some time, the spread of baccarat in South America and became so popular, especially in the casinos of Havana Cuba.

It had site in the 50s when the Cuban government closed casinos in Havana that baccarat reached the United States of America. Tommy Renzoni introduced baccarat to the United States and almost immediately, became a hit in casinos, especially in the Casino of Dunes. Some rules have also been altered and called it “American Baccarat”.

Nowadays, baccarat games are not limited in casinos. Modern technology has made the baccarat of every home available via the Internet. Online baccarat has site ready to be transferred and enjoyed in the comforts of its home.

Indeed, baccarat serves as one of the vital foundations of the gaming world. Les siècles ont passé, mais le baccara demeurait toujours comme un du joué and a favori dans toutes plusieurs générations.

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