Cruise ship game and vacation

Gambling is a billion dollar industry that attracts millions of casino patrons all over the world. However, playing is a limited industry and is not legal in some countries and does not state. But there is another form of gambling that is not limited by laws and territorial rules – cruise ship gambling.

Cruise ship gambling allows you to enjoy the fun and excitement of Las Vegas-style casino gambling while going on a cruise ship vacation. You can go places in the luxury and comfort of a cruise ship while you try your hand in a multitude of casino games like blackjack, poker, roulette and slots.

Cruise ship casinos are usually classified into two types: extended cruises and stationary cruises. Extended cruises last for several days and the cruise ship travels for hundreds of miles often visiting several places along the way. Stationary cruises are offered by coastal casinos and riverboat casinos. Unlike extended cruises, stationary cruises remain in one position and are sometimes docked along the shoreline.

Extended cruises are definitely more expensive than stationary cruises because they have longer running times and thus suffer more costs. Some people are also concerned about the legal implications of the cruise ship playing. However, the cruise ship that plays can not be considered illegal if done in international waters, which is the case of the extended cruise ship that plays.

The rules and regulations of the cruise ship they play are just the same as those in traditional casinos. If in case the rules in a cruise ship casino are different, rule changes are usually posted within the casino premises. You can always ask for assistance from cruise ship casino employees.

Usual casino games such as poker, blackjack, roulette and slots are available in most cruise ship casinos, however not all are. One game can be available in one cruise ship casino and absent in another. You should query the cruise ship’s travel agent about the games available in their casino, as well as other important topics such as costs, in accommodations, entertainment, meals, among others.

Before embarking on a cruise ship vacation, make sure that you plan well in advance and that you have set a budget aside for it. Extended cruise vacations require reservations while riverboat and coastal casinos usually do not need one. You can contact your local travel agent to make a reservation, or you can find an online travel agency that can help you plan your vacation cruise.

The cruise ship that plays is not the only activity on a cruise ship. You can also enjoy fine dining, sightseeing, nightly entertainment, ballroom dancing and a host of other fun activities. So if you want to relax, enjoy and have fun in a luxurious and glamorous environment, then consider an extended cruise ship vacation.

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