The Complete Guide to Betfair is a comprehensive manual covering how to trade successfully on betfair.

While more experienced traders could find one or two gems, the manual is better suited to novices who want to learn about trading on the betting exchange. It’s 58 pages long and in reading the manual, you get shown the trading techniques used by the experts in a step by step fashion.

There’s seven parts to this manual and it specifically covers the following:

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of betting
  • The importance of being disciplined
  • Backing and laying
  • Selection systems
  • Staking plan
  • Record Keeping
  • Analysis of past results
  • Steamers
  • Drifters
  • Trading
  • Trading to create no risk bets
  • Football trading strategy
  • Horse racing strategy

One feature I particularly appreciated in the manual was the use of screenshots. It’s very easy for a beginner to get lost and feel confused, however, the images included in the manual make it incredibly easy to follow.

If there was a downside, it’s that the manual won’t make you an expert trader overnight. Having said that, there’s no trading manual in the world which can do that (or at least I haven’t come across it yet!). However, if you apply the methods described in the manual on a consistent basis you will notice an improvement in your trading ability.

Perhaps, my favourite section of the manual is part 2. Upon reading, it becomes very obvious the author has done his homework and there is so much useful data available, even people who prefer horse betting to trading will appreciate the information included – which is basically dozens of trends that affect the performance of horses, both good and bad. Perhaps, more important the reader is told the extent to which these trends make a difference.

I haven’t mentioned the best part, yet, either. It’s Free! You can get it by visiting Free Gambling Ebooks.

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